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Terms of Use

Terms of use

The use of electronic webpages and services by triphelp is allowed to the visitor/user under the agreement with the terms of use as described below which are valid for the content of the material on the webpage, including text, images, videos etc. The visitor/user should read carefully the terms of use before using the webpage. If the user does not agree with the terms, they are not allowed to use the webpage. The visitor/user may visit the webpage often in order to keep track of possible changes to the content of the webpage. The continuous use of triphelp indicates that you accept the terms of use.


The content of triphelp including () texts, services, video, photographs, logos, and all other names or slogans of products or services on triphelp cannot be copied, be mimicked or used in full or partially without the previous written consent of triphelp or the legal owner of the logo as they are copyright material of triphelp or the entities belonging to which are covered by the current legal framework for industrial and intellectual copyrights and are governed by national and international conditions on copyright.
Any third party copyright included on triphelp has been presented in good manner in order to assist the visitors/users. The copyright, if requested by its owner, will be removed directly.


It is forbidden to use, reproduce, republish, copy, save, sell, broadcast, distribute, publish, perform, download, translate the services offered and/or altering partially or abstractly the content of triphelp without prior or written approval. Commercial logos listed on this site are owned, distributed and covered by the terms and agreements of their owners and their legal representatives.

Links to other websites and or portals

Triphelp does not check availability, content, data policy and quality of other portals and or websites which the user can access through hyperlinks or banners. The latter have been posted for your information only. The websites and or portals the user is directed to, are by their own terms of use and policy. Adding those links on triphelp does not mean that accepts their content and is not responsible for any loss derived by the use of these sites. The user/visitor is purely and utterly responsible for accessing the websites or portals.

Content submitted by users

Triphelp gives its users the option to publish on its webpages their own comments and tips. Triphelp has the right (but not the obligation) to check this content and preventing the publishing of illegal, threatening, abusing, pornographic, and scandalous and any material which could be law breaching. In case the content falls in any of the above mentioned categories, we have the right to remove it without prior warning or statement. The user publishing content, accepts and agrees that:

1.    They will not publish any message, data, information, text, photos, videos or any material which is unrealistic or fake, illegal, misleading, blaming, pornographic, which  is disturbing or supports disturbance of another person  which is threatening, which violates privacy or publicity
2.    Will not publish content which is offensive to the online community, such as content promoting racism, hate, physical violence of any kind against any group or individual.
3.    Will not publish content which would recommend, promote or provide information for illegal activities such as purchase or manufacture of illegal arms, or the provision or creation of computer viruses. Such actions are against the law and form a legal offence which could be the case of public liability.
4.    Will not publish content which might violate any commercial logos and trademarks, commercial confidential information, or other royalties or any other third party rights. Content which promotes illegal or without license of copyright material or work of a third individual.
5.    Will not publish content which will link to another person’s identity or a legal entity ’s identity or any other means of faking someone else ‘s identity including triphelp.
6.    Will not publish non requested commercials or promotional material, mass emails or spamming, junk mail, chain letter, viruses, corrupted data or other malicious files.
7.    Will not publish third party private information including, without limitation, last name (family name), address, telephone numbers, email address, social number and/or social security and/or insurance number and credit card number.
8.    Will not publish content or links to content which violates the previous articles, exposes triphelp or its users in any danger or liability of any kind. 
9.    Any person appearing on photographs consents to the photograph being uploaded to the site.
10.    Exempts triphelp from any royalties, any fee towards any legal or personal entity due to the publicity on the website.

Limitation of Liability

Information and services published on triphelp may contain inaccuracies or errors.  Triphelp, its partners and cooperating enterprises do not guarantee the accuracy of the information and are exempt of any liability for any inaccuracy or error connected to the information presented or sent by email and live chat.  It is up to the users/visitors to personally evaluate the information and act freely according to their will without addressing any liability on the webpage. Triphelp encourages travelers to consult travelling guidelines issued by the Greek Government and the European Union (EU). 

Transitional Provisions

Triphelp has the right to alter, remove or add the terms of use when necessary, when it believes that it is important for legal, regulatory, technical or other reasons including alterations in the services offered.
Posting a notice regarding any changes, will state acceptance to the new terms by the user/visitor.


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