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Mavra Volia Chios

Mavra Volia is the best Chios beach. Chios has over 40 beaches than told us, but Mavra Volia is the most impressive. The black pebbles on the beach and at the bottom make the water striking black! The only problem is the parking..

Tasos from Thessaloniki

Great beach! Worth the trip but a little hassle to park! It is best to get the Mavra Volia early to enjoy the sun because after 3pm the impressive rock behind the beach hides the sun.

Makis from Athens

Beautiful and quiet place where you can relax listening to the waves. Because the beach is not organized suggest you have your umbrella or at least double towel because the pebbles become annoying after lying for some time.

Markella from Chios

Mavra Volia consists of two beaches. The most impressive is the second. To get there, follow the concrete path and it will take you straight to the beach. The water in the second beach is colder but it will not bother you at all! Pity it's forbidden to take one of the pebbles as souvenirs.

Manolis from Athens

Truly unique beach. And the black pebbles are actually black! When I saw Mavra Volia up close, it didn't surprise me that it's considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

Nikoleta from Athens

The beauty of the beach, especially the second, erase the nerves that you got from the hassle of parking. Anyway we could park farther, before the beach! The canteen at the first beach offers coffee and necessary snack to ease the hunger. Serious and delicious food is in Emporios, a few hundred meters before the first beach.

Eleni from Athens

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